Aureus Earth

Today’s Challenge

Over the next 40 years, the world’s building stock is expected to double—an increase of >2.5 trillion square feet. This explosion of growth is equivalent to adding an entire New York City to the planet every 35 days for the next four decades.

Without intervention, business-as-usual construction would alone consume 60% of the remaining global carbon budget (500 GtCO2e) if humanity is to limit global temperature rise to 1.5 °C.

In response to these challenges, material suppliers are developing carbon-storing and low-carbon building materials that have the power to transform buildings into carbon sinks. In turn, owners and designers are actively seeking ways to implement these effective materials.

So, why aren’t we seeing a substantial increase in the use of these materials?
The answer is simple
adoption rates are hampered by green premiums for many low-carbon and carbon-storing materials, pricing out the majority of projects.

The Aureus Earth Solution

With an unwavering commitment to decarbonize the built environment and a belief that buildings are one of the best tools to battle climate change, we asked ourselves, “how can we break the financing bottleneck and pave a path to the rapid adoption of low-carbon and carbon-storing building materials?”

The answer – A robust economic tool that monetizes carbon reduction and storage in a building and provides equity funding in advance of construction. This unique offering defeats the green premium; closes the funding gap; and scales the use of these highly impactful materials.

Our first financing tools are targeted to accelerate the adoption of mass timber and will be extended to other powerful materials, such as low-carbon concrete.

Our Leadership Team

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Salmeron Barnes

Adam Orens

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Wil Srubar, PhD

Michele Grieshaber, PhD

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